If you have an old iPhone 5s16GB laying around, you shouldn’t just let it sit around and collect dust! Instead, you should consider selling your old iPhone to earn extra cash. Selling your old iPhone is a great idea, especially because over the years, iPhone’s have been able to maintain their value. Before selling your old iPhone, there are a few things that you should know. After reading, you will have a strong understanding on how to properly sale your used iPhone 5s 16GB.


Before selling your iPhone 5s, you should take a look at your competition. The iPhone 5s comes in the colors of gold, silver, and space gray. In addition to this, the iPhone 5s also has different storage sizes. The smallest storage size is 16GB. After 16GB comes 32GB, followed by 64GB. Typically, iPhones that have higher storage capacities are sold at higher prices. Before pricing your iPhone 5s 16GB for consumers, it would be smart to compare your iPhone to other iPhone prices on the internet with similar and even higher storage sizes.

In addition to competing with various storage sizes, it is also important to check the condition of your iPhone before pricing it. Typically when used items are sold, the condition of the item is rated as very good, good, or acceptable. A very good iPhone would be an iPhone that does not have any scuffs or cracks. In addition, the speaker, buttons, and screen should all work perfectly. An iPhone that is in good condition is an iPhone that has minor scuffs. Moreover, an iPhone in good condition should function properly most of the time. Lastly, if your iPhone is just acceptable, this could definitely lower the price of your profit. An iPhone that is just acceptable is an iPhone with major scuffs and or cracks. Furthermore, this iPhone may only function properly sometimes.

Before selling your iPhone, it is important to review everything mentioned above to ensure that you are being fair to consumers. Pricing your used iPhone at a fair rate is also good because it ensures that you will sell your item promptly. At this time, an iPhone 5s 16GB is being sold at about €150. In addition to making sure that your item is fairly priced, it is also important to know your where you can sell your iPhone.

Online Marketing

Advertising your iPhone online is a great idea. There are hundreds and thousands of people who search the web daily looking for a great deal. Some of the most popular places to sell your iPhone online is Amazon, eBay, and iOffer. With Amazon and eBay, the entire transaction is complete online. You are responsible for shipping the buyer’s product. In addition, Amazon and eBay typically charges the seller a fee for using their website. iOffer is generally more flexible. iOffer does not charge you to post an ad on their website. Once your product is sold, you can choose to meet the buyer in person for the transaction, or you can choose to ship their product as well. If you choose the ship the product, you and the seller will have to come to a mutual understanding on how pay will be received. You can choose to have the buyer pay you through PayPal, Western Union, or even the Cash App.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, choosing to sell your used iPhone online is a wonderful idea. If you are in need of extra cash, you should definitely consider selling your old iPhone. Before selling your iPhone, please be sure to complete a factory reset on the device. This will ensure that the buyer of your iPhone won’t have access to any of your personal information. Lastly, please be sure to remove any personalized stickers, pictures, or cases that may be on the device before selling it! You know have all the information you need to sell your old mobile phone!


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