Do you have lots of old gadgets collecting dust around the house? Have you been wondering “how can I sell my mobile online”? Have you been putting this off because you’re unsure where to start and how to go about it? Selling old tech online is extremely simple and profitable since there are always interested buyers looking for a bargain. Just as long as a device works, you can sell with little time and effort involved… you will even manage to sell broken devices to people looking to get replacement parts.

The time to make a profit is now! This article will run you through the best marketplaces where you can sell your old tech right now. Just grab hold of your old gadgets, get some photos and proceed to create some listings. You can easily recycle your phone and buy a new model with the profits, so let’s get started.


well its pretty self explintaory in the name, it really does what it says. Its a great place dedicated to selling just that, used mobiles. So its a really good place to start looking and getting an idea of how much your old phone could sell for. You really want to check by phone model and specs. looking at things like storage and which version it is. Its a great place to recyle and sell your phone iphone 8.


You may have heard about this little website called “eBay”, which is actually the largest and longest running auction marketplace in the entire world wide web, with over 165 million active members. If you’re looking to reach as many people as possible, eBay will make you happy. This website is extremely reliable and trustworthy… in fact, they put so much focus on buyer’s safety and well-being that it can often be inhospitable and confusing to sellers looking to make a quick profit. This is a great option if you’re selling a lot of different items or planning to become a regular seller, otherwise it may be more practical to look into one of the following alternatives.


Most people think of Amazon as a place to buy all kinds of products, from books to electronics and beyond. We’re all used to landing on Amazon pages while looking for new stuff to buy online… but have you noticed the “Sell on Amazon” button displayed in most product listings? You can actually add your used tech through that button, and it’s a straightforward and simple process. Amazon is a gigantic marketplace, and you too can benefit from its audience, simply by adding your used products to their already existing product listings.

Facebook Marketplace

Since everyone and their cousin already spends much of the day on Facebook, why not take advantage of the “Facebook Marketplace” feature to easily reach out to all those bored social media warriors looking for a piece of action? This feature was launched in October 2016, and it’s actually the outgrowth of a bustling spontaneous marketplace that people naturally created by banding in groups dedicated to selling stuff. Facebook Marketplace is easy to use and definitely looking into, especially if you’re already an everyday user of this leading social network.


Often regarded as the wild, wild west of the world wide web, Craigslist is actually a marketplace worth considering – especially if you’re selling broken and damaged items, since someone will always come up looking to buy some repair parts. While there are a lot of good and bad stories surrounding this website, truth of the matter is there are two sides to every coin. If you like haggling and hustling and you don’t mind the thought of dealing with all kinds of potential buyers (reputable or otherwise) you will enjoy doing business here.

As you can see now, people wondering “how do I sell my mobile” are limited only by their willingness to act! You can recycle your phone and sell your old tech online without much time or effort involved, so get started today so you can profit tomorrow!


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