While technology seems to offer great prices, mobile phones may just be an area in wales where you have steadily been paying more on contracts. With the wide array of confusing contracts, making the decision on what would serve you best could be daunting and time-consuming. In fact, it could be hard to know if what you choose is the best deal. With a mobile phone or enough cash to purchase one outright, you may want to consider Sim-only deals.

The advantage of purchasing a SIM card from a service provider is that you are not locked into a long-term contract. You can also retain your phone number if you decide to switch to a different service provider. There are many elements to consider, including overseas tariffs, data and minutes, among others. Before shopping, confirm the minutes and data you use to get the right package. Sim-only deals mean paying for a Sim-card for your phone instead of the handset you buy.

Why Sim-Only Deals?

Although these deals are not suitable for everyone, they give you an allowance of texts, data and calls. Also, the monthly costs tend to be lower than is the case with regular mobile contracts. Sim-only contracts tie you down to a minimum term of about 30 days. You can choose to be billed any amount every month or opt for a pay-as-you-go service. Pay-as-you-go means paying for the services in advance without being tied to a fixed amount.

You can also stop the services anytime. The network operators unlike is the case with many PAYG and monthly mobile phone deals do not subsidise the cost of the handsets. It means you enjoy cheaper internet services, texts and voice. If you are avoiding a lengthy contract, a Sim-only deal may be the best choice. With your mobile phone contract, you can then switch to a cheaper Sim-only contract once you pay off.

Choose the Right Plan

Are you spending outside your usual plan? If so, consider a deal with a higher allowance to avoid paying extra. Decide if you would prefer paying on a monthly basis or take out a contract. A contract offers better rates, while picking a monthly plan from the same company may be expensive. You might find it tempting to accept a contract, especially if you are being offered a free phone with no upfront costs. Before accepting the deal, find out if the terms are favourable. Be sure:

• You can afford the payments.
• You will use the services exhaustively to justify the expenses.
• You can comfortably pay any extra amount whenever you fail to keep track of your service usage.

Contracts are ideal for frequent users given that service costs can be discounted. If you make many calls and send a large number of texts monthly, this could be your cheapest option. Understand that the monthly charges are high and you remain locked in throughout your contract period. Opting out of the contract can have you penalised heavily. With a Sim-only deal, you can change service providers without any penalty.

Phone Company Benefits

Concentrating on the headline pricing can be misleading. Some companies throw in goodies to attract new customers. You may come across specials such as extra data, a free phone and free accessories.

Buy Online

Mobile companies find it cheaper to sell online, so this would be the most suitable platform. Retail outlets experience expenses per phone in rent and commissions. Buying online saves time and money, and you get some of that cost saving as an incentive.

When upgrading, think long-term. Will the deal you choose be the best in the next few years? Weigh the flexibility of owning a mobile outright against the costs of different contracts. Your best choice is a mobile that is least expensive over time. When choosing a sim-only deal, ensure the tariff chosen will cover your usage. Otherwise, you may be expected to pay for the extra minutes used.

Since tariffs change frequently in Wales, watch out for the sim-only deals on offer. That way, you can easily change operators with no upfront costs. Your best option will depend on the frequency of your calls, texts and internet browsing. Most networks may offer you insurance when taking out a new deal. If you decide phone insurance is important, you don’t have to sign up on the deal offered by the network. Shop around for a better deal.


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