The Grand Prix of Wales in MotoGP is canceled, the track is probably never built. But the Welsh are now coming up with a road race. One of the very few on the “British mainland”.

The real road racing scene is booming. Daniel “Dan” Hegarty has just lost his life in the street canyons of Macau in a crash in the race last Saturday when there is a brand new road race. On the British “mainland”.

The “Welsh Road Race” will be held for the first time on the weekend of 04./05. August’s 2018, the Mynydd Eppynt runway is in the middle of nowhere in Wales.

That the race is likely to be a complete success, ensure the organizers with a prominent cast. Former Grand Prix driver, Road Racer and TT winner Steve Plater are among them. He is also a commentator on the Northwest 200 BBC broadcasts and has already hit the track.

As a race director you would probably have been able to find no better: This task is taken over by Gary Thompson , who is also responsible for the execution of the races at the Isle of Man TT.

Even with the drivers already announced the organizers announce big names, including TT legend John McGuinness. It is unclear whether the King of the Mountain will be fit again until then, as he is still suffering from his injuries from this year’s NorthWest200. McGuinness, however, has announced that it will “not just disappear” from the road racing stage . Dean Harrison has also expressed interest in the race in Wales.

It is a new edition of an old race: The Welsh TT. The first one was driven in August 1922 in Pendine Sands. In the main race it was then over a distance of about 160 kilometers, the victory brought Captain Clarence P. Wood MC on a Scott Squirrel 596cc.

Another time was 1948, when the normal life after the Second World War had slowly recovered. It was held on military grounds – as so often in the UK. For six years the race took place at the Eppynt Road Race Circuit. But then it was over again, now the event 2018 should be taken up again.

For a long time, Wales was fighting to get the Grand Prix of Wales in MotoGP. But the project was overambitious and failed. Finally, no guarantor could be found for the targeted 357 million pounds (402.8 million euros) – neither the country Wales, nor the insurance company Aviva could agree on it. In June 2017, a guarantee of £ 210 million (€ 237 million) was rejected by the State Government as it was “too risky”. In August, the Circuit of Wales lost Dorna’s commitment to host MotoGP races, winning the British Grand Prix for three years at Silverstone.


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