The cycling center was built with a government loan and grants from the Welsh Government. In addition, the project was supported by an EU-funded project subsidy for sustainable tourism. Our time in the park was tight for a day. Nevertheless, we tried to try as many trails. In total we made three or four runs. The fact that Wales offers one of the best bike park locations in Europe we have ridden in recent years has come as a great surprise. With the e-bike, the tracks are fun and there is something for all levels of difficulty. We paid £ 12 (about € 14) for a day pass, which is totally appropriate for the driving fun and the on-the-ground train offers.

The conditions on site are ideal for a bike park. The area is wooded and has good transport links. From London, the bike park can be reached in about 3 hours. The climate in Merthyr Tydfil is quite humid during the winter months, but never really cold. Due to the relatively mild winter, snow rarely falls. For the cold and wet season, there is a good drainage and the soil is such that the trails never become super muddy. According to the manager, the park is not passable for a maximum of three days a year due to bad weather. The trails are very well maintained and are overall in a better than average condition. We were lucky with the weather on our visit and felt a bit like in sunny Welsh Europe in the Welsh woods.Here you can find the Bikepark:  Google Map Location

Bike Park Wales


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