John Davies, the Anglican Archbishop of Wales, wants to make the church more youthful and bring more young people to the service.

Newport – The new Anglican Archbishop of Wales calls on the churches to give a fresh and youthful proclamation of the Christian message. Many young people would “High Five with Job” and stand in line for a selfie with Jesus if they understood only the essence of Christianity, said Archbishop John Davies, according to the newspaper “South Wales Argus” (Sunday) at its inauguration in the Cathedral of Brecon.

Young people often represent biblical values

The 64-year-old attested to many young people a “deep and informed sensus for the morally correct” and a “clear awareness of social and economic justice”. Much of it also corresponds exactly to the values ​​found in the Bible, the archbishop said. However, young people no longer cooperate with the churches, as they often do not speak their language clearly enough. At the dawn of the new liturgical year, Davies encouraged churches to renew efforts to bring people closer to the concerns of their faith.

The fidelity of the biblical figure Job is tested by God with heavy blows of fate, until it finally justifies him. Job’s conversations with friends and with God deal with the so-called do-deal context and the basic theological problem, why a good god can tolerate suffering in the world (theodicy). From this Old Testament story, the common expression “bad news” is derived for bad events.


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